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»"The show, choreographed by Casey Avaunt, explored how humans react to climate change, disasters and uncertainty … It was a terrific collection of vignettes that … featured the troupe's trademark comedic moments, it was well thought out and obviously thought-provoking."
        -Diane Baker, The Taipei Times


»"All the sketches are done with such absurdist humor and wry light-heartedness, that the political pill is easy to swallow. The result is less a critique of the small and large cruelties of our capitalist world than a sly nudging and a rueful glance at the limitations of our lives, a sort of we're-all-in-this-together session of sympathizing."
        -Jaime Robles, The Piedmont Post


»"When Choreography and Secrets Collide: A Collaborative Art Project Seeks to Turn Community Memories Into Dance."
zócalo Public Square, December 16, 2015.


»"Magic Man Find a Dark Twisted Fantasy in 'Paris' - Video Premiere"
by John Gentile - Rolling Stone February 20, 2015


»"5 to Watch: French Kisses and Kicks (to the Head)"
Michael Fox, KQED Art, November 3, 2014


»"Hello, My Name Is Joe"
Review by Jaime Robles, Piedmont Post. July 2011


»"8213 肢體舞蹈劇場—漣漪效應"
Glocal Life Magazine (Taiwan) June 23, 2011


»"Horsing around at Huashan"
Review by Diane Baker, Taipei Times, November 14, 2011


»本月我想看 8213 肢體舞蹈劇場 ( 極境之旅 )
by 文字 Performing Arts Review


»"DANCE: Sparks Fly in 'Electron'"
Review by Diane Baker, Taipei Times, September 18, 2009


»"Through a Looking Glass"
Preview by Diane Baker, Taipei Times, December 19, 2007

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